Stuart Turner Monsoon - Negative 3.0 Bar Single Pump

The Stuart Turner Monsoon negative 3.0 bar single pump is designed to be system friendly, and will offer years of trouble free service.

When installed into an open vented hot / cold water system, where outlets are either above or below the level of the cold water cistern, it will have the effect of raising the water pressure with the equivalent of raising the cold water cistern 30 metres above it's current position.

Pressure switch operated, these pumps are suitable for boosting the water pressure to mixing valves, when the other supply is either at a higher pressure or also pumped.

A negative single pump can be used to:

  • Boost the water pressure in either the hot or cold water supply pipe.
  • Boost in pairs on hot and cold water services where it may be impracticable to use a twin pump

Negative 3.0 Bar Single Pump