Salamander esp pumps

Salamander Right Pumps

Salamander Right Pumps - The Range

Right shower pumps (RSP)
Designed purely for showers, these twin-ended pumps boost the Hot and Cold supplies to Thermostatic or Manual Mixer valves. Each pump is capable of feeding two or three showers simultaneously.
Not suitable to boost toilets, washing machines or systems where there are baths with individual Hot and Cold taps.

Right whole house pumps (RHP)
Designed specifically for whole house systems, these twin ended pumps are uniquely equipped with a bypass loop. This technological breakthrough facilities cooling of the closed head chamber, even when the active end is boosting the supply to toilets, washing machines or to a bath tap.

Right single pumps (RGP)
A new and innovative range of single outlet pumps. Compact and smooth running with sustained flow.

The right single pump to boost supplies to a variety of appliances from tank-fed systems should be selected according to pressure required.

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RSP50 Twin

Salamander Right Pumps  RSP50 Twin
1.5 Bar for both positive and negative head systems


RGP40 Single

Salamander RGP40 Single
for positive head systems


RSP75 Twin

Salamander Right Pumps RSP75 Twin
2.5 Bar
For positive head systems


RGP80 Single

Salamander RGP80 Single
for positive head systems

RSP100 Twin

Salamander Right Pumps RSP100 Twin
3.3 Bar
For positive head systems


RGP120 Single

Salamander RGP120 Single
for positive head systems


RHP50 Twin

Salamander RHP50 Twin
for positive head systems


RHP140 Twin

Salamander RHP140 Twin
for positive head systems


RHP75 Twin

Salamander RHP75 Twin
2.25 Bar
for positive head systems


RHP100 Twin

Salamander RHP100 Twin
3.3 Bar
for positive head systems