Salamander ESP 50 CPV Twin Pump

New ESP 50 CPV for tank fed shower and/or whole house systems in flats and houses where the pressure requirement is up to 1.5 bar (30-40ft head). The ESP CPV pumps are the first intelligent shower and whole house booster to combine positive and negative head system applications in one pump - with a built-in pressure vessel and Electronic System Protection..

The Salamander ESP 50 CPV Twin is designed specifically for one/two bathroom systems where there is a need to boost baths, basins or showers which may be above and/or below the cold water storage tank(s). Typically - flats, loft and barn conversions

Extremely Quiet
50ft head (1.5 bar)
1.8 amps/430 watts
Continuous at 20oC 230v

Positive and/or negative head systems