Salamander ESP 150 CPVSB 2xSingle Pump

The Salamander ESP 150 CPV SB (Super Booster) was created to meet the requirements of those who live in larger houses or whose idea of a really good shower is total deluge

Each Salamander ESP 150 CPV SB (Super Booster) comprises two single pumps, one each to independently boost hot and cold water services. These pumps can be positioned together or remotely from each other.

These Salamander ESP 150 CPV SB (Super Boosters) boost supplies to a variety of appliances from tank-fed systems, and are suitable for both positive and negative head systems. Selection should be based on pressure requirements.

150ft head (4.5 bar)
5 amps/750 watts
30 min on/off

Positive and/or negative head systems