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Salamander 2 Bar Pumps

A wide range of Salamander 2 Bar Shower Pumps

Salamander manufacture a huge range of Pumps designed for a variety of uses from single showers, washing machine and combi boiler boosters, to whole house systems. ESP Bathrooms supply the full range with low prices and quick delivery.

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CT 55 Single

Salamander Pumps - CT 55 Single
Positive head


CT 50 Twin

Salamander Pumps - CT50 Twin
Positive head

ESP50 CPV Twin

Salamander Pumps-  ESP50 CPV Twin
1.5Bar Positive/or negative head


RSP50 Twin

Salamander RSP50 Twin
1.5 Bar for positive head systems


RGP40 Single

Salamander RGP40 Single
1.3 Bar for positive head systems


RHP50 Twin

Salamander RHP50 Twin
1.5 Bar for Positive head systems

NP55 Single

Salamander NP55 Single
1.65 Bar for both positive and negative head systems


NP50 Twin

Salamander NP50 Twin
1.5 Bar for both positive and negative head systems