Grundfos Central Heating Pumps

Grundfos Central Heating Pumps

Grundfos aims to be the world’s leading and most successful central heating pump manufacturer. Grundfos is dedicated to ongoing research in new materials and processes.
Grundfos manufacture outstanding central heating pumps that satisfy the markets’ needs for effective, reliable, energy-efficient solutions.


Grundfos Alpha 15/50

Grunfos Alpha 15/50 Pump


Grundfos Alpha 15/60

Grunfos Alpha 15/60 Pump


Grundfos Plan

Grundfos Plan Pump

Grundfos UPS 15/50 Pump

Grundfos UPS 15/50


Grundfos UPS 15/60 Pump

Grundfos UPS 15/60



Grundfos UPS 40/50F Pump

Grundfos UPS 40/50F

Grundfos Amazon Twin Impeller Pump

Grunfos AMAZON Pump


Grundfos Nile Twin Impeller Pump

Grunfos Nile Pump


Grundfos Niagara Twin Impeller Pump

Grunfos Niagara Pump


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